Heart Owner's Handbook: Live Longer and Feel Better


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Heart Owner's Handbook: Live Longer and Feel Better; by  Denton A. Cooley, 
M.D.; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN: 0-471-13326-4, paperback, 415 pages.;   
US$16.95 / CAN$23.95

REVIEWER: A.T. Connellan, discovers "an all-encompassing heart-smart 
lifestyle plan....the author's advice on how to choose and work with your 
doctor alone is worth the price of the book." 

Have a Heart, a Healthy One Preferably

Everybody comes equipped with one. Our hearts are built to last a lifetime, 
but some lives are longer than others, and some hearts fail and have to be 
replaced. How long that life will be depends almost entirely on the 

Denton A. Cooley, MD, is the Founder and Surgeon-in-Chief at Texas Heart 
Institute. In 1968 he and his team performed the first successful heart 
transplant in the United States, and a year later, implanted the first 
artificial heart in a human being. 

In 1996, in seven parts and 34 chapters, he has authored the "Heart Owner's
Handbook" a definitive, easy-to-understand operator's manual. In non-preachy, 
down to earth language, Dr. Cooley covers the essential components of a sound 
maintenance program designed to extend the working life of our hearts to the 
maximum. The bottom line is; take care of the heart, and the heart takes care 
of us. 

Between the covers is an all-encompassing heart-smart lifestyle plan. In 
highly readable detail, he examines the role of stress management, exercise, 
weight control, high blood pressure and cholesterol as factors in healthy 
heart maintenance.

Dr. Cooley acknowledges the differences between women's and men's heart 
health. Chapter 11 explores the relationship to heart disease of pregnancy, 
childbearing, menopause, and hormones. 

Two chapters are devoted to nutrition and a large array of practical, and easy 
to prepare recipes. There is extensive examination of vitamins and their 
application in heart health. 

Perhaps the most important section is Part Seven; "When Something Goes Wrong," 
how to identify, and deal with, an emergency. This section is a well-written 
explanation of the cardiovascular system, how it works, and how it can go 
terribly wrong. 

The author's advice on how to choose and work with your doctor alone is worth 
the price of the book. 

The Heart Owner's Handbook is solidly supported by an extensive index. There 
is a substantial glossary, alphabetically listed selected references by 
chapters and, best of all, an appendix "Resources for More Information." 

As an extension to the book, a no-cost phone link is provided to on-line, 
expert advice at the Texas Heart Institute, from anywhere in the U.S.A. and 

From cover to cover, Dr. Cooley's message reeks of commonsense. He places 
before us a low pressure, laid-back lifestyle approach for a healthy heart and 
longevity. This is the book to buy if you have someone you care a great deal 

Get it for "the two" of you.

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