"Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?": How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion-Dollar Business Empire


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Title: "Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?": How Reginald Lewis 
Created a Billion-Dollar Business Empire; by Reginald F. Lewis and 
Blair S. Walker; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; ISBN 0-471-04227-7; Hardcover; 
335 pages; US$22.95, CAN$29.95; .
Reviewer:  A. T. Connellan, "Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun? 
is a much needed, heartfelt inspirational book that will remove the 
't from anyone's "I can't." " 

A black inspiration showed how

The life and success of Reginald Frances Lewis is the definitive 
contradiction to those academics, supported by mindless bigots, 
who propose the hypothesis that intelligence is based on a hierarchy of race. 
Prior to his death, at age 50, in 1993 from brain cancer Lewis had become 
the 51 per cent owner of Beatrice International Foods at an acquisition 
price of just under a billion dollars. He was the richest African-American 
in the history of the United States and with a net worth of $400 million, 
one of the 400 wealthiest Americans.

He had begun his autobiography under the book's title. The task of finishing 
was passed to author Blair Walker who, to his credit, seamlessly 
incorporated Lewis's words in italics into a vivid chronicle of the life of 
this extraordinary man. 

Blair Walker has skilfully drawn from those who knew Reginald Lewis the 
profile of "a complex and fascinating man," a demanding, driven achiever 
who required more from his associates and employees than they believed 
they were capable of giving. 
Raised by his strong-willed mother and grand-parents in a lower 
middle-class black Baltimore neighborhood, Reginald Lewis defied 
and overcame all the incorporated roadblocks to success for a black 
man in American society. This book illustrates his single-minded 
commitment to the preparation and dedication that are essential for 
success in any field. 

Just as the author so vividly illustrates that side of his subject's life, 
he is equally adept at exposing the private, philanthropic Reg Lewis 
who financially supported his alma mater Virginia State and bestowed 
on Harvard University a $3 million International Law Center. 

In the opinion of those who knew him, Reginald Lewis was a compassionate 
supporter of those who cared to try, and a philanthropist who placed his 
money and energy where it would support and inspire. 

Blair S. Walker is a financial writer with the "Money" section of "USA Today" 
and is a graduate lawyer. He has unerringly traced Lewis' extraordinary 
story for us with crystal clarity in a much needed, heartfelt inspirational book. 

"Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?" will remove the 't from anyone's "I can't." 

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