How To Make Money With Your Home Computer


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Title: How To Make Money With Your Home Computer;  
Scott Tilley; Hounslow Press; Softcover; 222 pages CAN$16.95 

Reviewer:  A.T.Connellan, "It's a dry read, but worth the wade." 

Making dollars with your computer

As a recent PC convert (three years,) It's hard to imagine how I 
lived the first 50 plus years without one. As a recently graduated 
parent of 4 adults, two of whom " benefitted " from a private school 
education, so convinced am I of the computers efficacy as a teaching 
tool, that were I to do it over again, they would each have a PC by 
age four, and might not see the inside of a classroom until they were 
ready for university at 15. 

The bywords of the nineties are almost always preceded by tele, as 
in tele-commuting, tele-conferencing, etc. Like many of you I'm on the 
lookout for " how to " books that will add to my knowledge in this 
fast growing field, and this one looked like a winner. 

There are writers who can take a dry technical subject, inject life 
and make it an interesting read, unfortunately Scott Tilley isn't one 
of them. He does however redeem himself by packing into these 
pages an extremely detailed guide to a very new field. 

He begins with 3 chapters to set the ground rules, and components 
for a home-based computer business. The author then lists, in a 160 
page chapter, every conceivable use for a personal computer in 
business and supplies a framework for a business centered on each. 
Under the categories of: Description; Clientele; Requirements; and 
Marketing, he provides a thorough explanation of the business, 
assuming only that we have the technical knowledge of the subject. 

This is heavy going, but Mr. Tilley did his homework, we get the 
benefit, and I think you will agree, it's worth the wade. 

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