Commission Free Investing Handbook of Canadian DRIPS and SPPs


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Title: Commission Free Investing
Handbook of Canadian DRIPS and SPPs;  
Cemil Otar; Uphill Publishing Ltd.; ISBN: 
0-9698432-4-0; Softcover, 158 pages, 

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud, "With help 
from this author, you can place yourself with 
the top money managers in the Mutual Fund Game."

Commission Free Investing

Place your self in the position of being one 
of the top mutual fund managers in Canadian 
equities. Above you, only 12 other funds had 
better returns, below you 131 others are eating 
your dust. 

You don't have to take up residence on Bay 
street to achieve this enviable record. It can 
be done from home with a few hours of your time 
and the expense of a $5.00 calculator.

As improbable as it may sound, Cemil Otar, in 
his sample Portfolio B, made up of  six stocks 
picked with a very simple guideline, achieved 
these kind of results. His Portfolio C was his 
next closest competitor.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans direct the cash 
an investor would ordinarily receive to the  
purchase of new shares. A Stock Purchase Plan 
allows the investor to send cash to the company 
to purchase shares directly without an intermediary. 
In both cases the company will have guidelines for 
minimum and maximum amounts that often start 
at $50.00. (Check the individual company for details.) 
The author restricts his discussion to companies 
which offer both types of plan.

Cemil Otar put in many hours of research compiling 
the information for this very successful method 
of investment. The knowledge distilled into these 158 
pages will instruct the reader on the intricacies of 
Dividend Reinvestment Plans and Stock Purchase 

Since a good part of the book is dedicated to listing 
information about the companies involved, it is 
remarkable how few pages and how easy DRIPs 
and SPPs can be once the reader understands 
a few simple rules about getting started.

He also offers an interesting way to purchase stock 
for placement in a Registered Retirement Savings Plan.

If this is such a great deal, why haven't we heard about it? 
The simple answer is no one makes a profit from the 
transaction. A participant pays no brokerage fees and 
the company pays a trustee to administer the plan.

One can hardly expect to get a call from their broker, 
who gets paid by commission, advocating DRIPs 
and SPPs when there are no commissions payable. 
Commission Free Investing has a lucid format 
and works on a straightforward premise. The more 
of your money that goes directly into investment, 
the better the return.

Commission Free Investing is an uncomplicated idea.
The book is well written and much to the point. The 
author offers sound advice and good ideas for investment, 
in Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plans. 

With help from this author, you can place yourself with 
the top money managers in the Mutual Fund Game.

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