Eudora Pro Mail; Version 3 for Windows & Mac


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Title:Eudora Pro Mail; Version 3 for Windows & Mac; Qualcomm Inc.;

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Yes you could get along with some other 
e-mail program, or the old Eudoras, but why drive a car with one flat 
tire -- fix it."
Eudora Pro a step forward

More than 18 million Internet users are familiar with either Eudora Lite, 
or Eudora 1.+.+, those wonderful e-mail programs originally designed 
by researchers at the University of Illinois and later licensed to Qualcomm. 
The programs came free with most ISP (Internet Serverice Provider) 
packages or were supplied via download.

In any event, Eudora freed many of us from the outdated Pine or other 
DOS-based programs and introduced graphic e-mail management. 
Touch-and-go communications that at the time seemed wondrously 
simple. Now offer Eudora Pro for US$89.00.

Why? What's in it for us? The simple answer is, a whole lot more. 
Eudora Pro is a much more powerful program than its earlier, 
smaller siblings. Enhanced mail management features that we 
all need like a spell checker, and others that we don't. For example, 
who needs colors? I didn't, but I now put it into my messages anyway.

Eudora Pro opens a new era for Mac and PC users alike. It provides 
features that make e-mail life much more productive centered on 
the ability to manage the mounting flow of mail that we all face. 

On arrival e-mail can be segregated to multiple mailboxes, and 
also drag-and-drop sorted between them. Appearance features 
now bring e-messages closer to word processor quality by offering
font and formatting options.

Multiple address books work well with a growing reliance on e-mail 
as the main communicator. They allow the user to allocate separate 
e-lists for group communications, such as newsletters or organization 
members' bulletins.

One overriding feature of Eudora on 32-bit operating systems such 
as Windows 95 and NT is the blinding speed at which Eudora operates. 
Eudora is web-friendly, the ability to insert your URL into a message 
or signature, as I do, is an easy way to remind recipients that there is 
more information available at my site. This can be a valuable time-saver.

And now... ta-da! my favorite feature in Eudora Pro -- a real live Help File, 
not only complete help, but context sensitive help as well, and a User 
Guide of more than 200 pages to boot. After the Mickey Mouse on-line
help in the junior Eudoras, I'd pay the US$89 just for that!

Yes you could get along with some other e-mail program, or the old Eudoras,
but why drive a car with one flat tire -- fix it.

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