DeBabelizer Pro for Windows 95 and NT


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Title: DeBabelizer Pro for Windows 95 and NT;  Equilibrium

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud, "For anyone suffering 
the anguish of long download times, relief is at hand, and it's 
spelled DeBabelizer Pro."

DeBabelizer brings clarity out of chaos

DeBabelizer occupies a unique position in the world of software. 
It has long been a favorite "secret weapon" for developers of 
Multimedia, computer based video, animation, stills and Web 
page design. Until this year, it was only available to 
Macintosh users.

This program is written to take full advantage of the latest 
Intel Pentium Pro and MMX chips and all the features of 
the Windows operating system.

The real power lies in its ability to overcome one of the 
most difficult and time consuming problems for Multimedia 
and Web site development. The difficulty is in the size 
of quality still, video or animation files. 

DeBabelizer is able to reduce the size of an image file 
by sampling the color content and writing new palettes, or 
by sampling the image and making it conform to a system 
or a restricted Web palette. This allows a user to exhibit 
8 bit color images that rival the color quality of 24 bit 
images. DeBabelizer will also process video and 
animation files and accomplish that same magic.

Up to now, a developer had to process each still and 
each frame of a video or animation file individually. With 
DeBabelizer they can create batch lists to process 
files in batch mode. Many Multimedia developers dedicate 
a computer to batch processing to free them for more 
productive work. Or, as an alternative, they batch process
 their files overnight.

Its next most useful function is as a "translator". As in the 
bible story about the Tower of Babel, chaos reigned when 
people could no longer communicate. DeBabelizer has 
a solution; it reads and writes over 90 different cross platform 
file formats. 

Program users can access the Equilibrium Web site and 
download upgrades that expand Debabilizerís "linguistic" skills.

DeBabelizerís provides basic image editing and improvement. 
It will re-size the image, the image canvas, adjust resolution 
and scale images,  including scaling between PC and Mac. 

It also flips, rotates, crops and provides adjustment of intensity, 
contrast, gamma, hue, saturation and brightness. It may not 
replace an image editor, but it spares you the need to always 
have to use one. 

It uses all of the Windows 95 features. If there is screen space 
to spare, the user can have all of the program functions 
available as icons. 

There is  "WatchMe" to record how you process a file and 
then use it to process a batch list. There are also Wizards 
dedicated to simplifying the processing of images for 
Web publication.
DeBabelizer Pro for Windows 95 and NT is a necessity 
for anyone serious about developing images for multimedia. 
The ability to reduce the size of video and animation files 
is well worth the price of admission.

For anyone suffering the anguish of long download times, 
relief is at hand, and it's spelled DeBabelizer Pro.

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