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Title: AddDepth; Fractal Design Corporation.

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud, "AddDepth 
is a useful utility program for anyone looking 
for quick 3D effects." 

AddDepth really does

Fractal Design has released AddDepth, a program 
to facilitate the creation of 3 dimensional effects with 
type and other 2D objects. It might be thought of as 
a utility for quick design creation.

AddDepth will appeal to users who want to avoid the 
cost and long learning curve of programs like Corel 
Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand. 

Experienced users of these programs could replicate 
the effects created in AddDepth and, probably even 
add some enhancements but would be pressed to do 
it with the ease of AddDepth. For the casual user, these 
programs demand a large time commitment to achieve
the same result.

At its easiest level, AddDepth allows the user to select 
from templates in three broad categories. Art & Design 
has elaborate art work, Icons has simpler graphics 
and Mostly Text relies less on graphics and more on 
the text message. 

AddDepth  incorporates type, visual symbols and 
graphics associated with various business and cultural 
activities. Users can simple substitute their own type 
requirements and the design is created, ready to be 
printed or exported to another program.

The program has a second level that uses wizards. 
Here the operator progresses through a series of 
windows which offer options that lead the user through 
the steps required to create a 3D type design.

At its highest level, the user opens a blank screen and 
has full control on all the attributes of the type design. 
These controls are available to the user who choose 
the template or wizards path but may want to make 
changes to further customize the design,

I found myself using AddDepth with wizards before I even 
opened the manual. I was not sure why it worked or what 
it did, but I was quickly creating 3D type designs. Once 
I did turn to the manual and ran through the tutorial, I had 
a very good understanding of the essentials of the programs. 
The manual is very straightforward and well written. 

AddDepth has a few tools that are particularly interesting 
to use. Trackball allows the operator to move text through 
3D space as if it were located on the surface of a large ball 
that can be rotated with the mouse. 

It is possible to turn type around and see it from behind. 
Fortunately, AddDepth allows the user to specify the color 
and bevel settings for the back as well as the front of type 
or objects. 

Another unique device is the perspective tool. It allows 
the user to quickly change the degree of perspective 
and vanishing point by moving and resizing the "back 
wall" of an imaginary box.

AddDepth also provides control of the working plane 
and its relation to the various planes of the objects 
created. This is particularly useful in resetting the working 
plane to the face of an object after it has been manipulated. 
It then quite easy to add additional objects to same working plane.

AddDepth is a useful utility program for anyone looking for quick 
3D effects. The average user will be satisfied with the quick 
results. The power user will have the option to import AddDepth 
graphics into other programs as finished elements or for 
additional embellishment.

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