Fortress LI1420U Uninterruptible Power System

Fortress Uninterruptible Power System
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Title: Fortress Uninterruptible Power System; Best Power

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "The value of such an addition
should be assessed against the protection from potential loss.
In my view it is worthwhile insurance." 

Power failure problems -- a thing of the past

Brownouts, spikes, surges, malicious landlords, or total power failures,
all spell serious trouble for computer systems. Much of the damage to
systems isn't immediate or dramatic -- it is cumulative.

It isn't the hardware damage that is costly -- after all hard drives,
etc., are relatively inexpensive. It ís the loss of irreplaceable
information that can bring your business to its knees in a nanosecond.

Despite the admonition to backup sensitive data, most businesses fail to
consider the importance of ancillary and altered programs. Applications
change daily and keeping track of the modifications is a herculean task
for employees charged with protection of essential information.

The installation of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) won't substitute
for backup commonsense, but it will provide a mechanical barrier to the
unmanageable intrusion by an erratic power supply to the orderly flow of

For a reliable UPS we surfed the market for a product of sufficient
capacity to carry the systems used by a medium sized business (up to 4
computers and peripherals). We required a manufacturer whose support
services were well established and whose warranty was respected by users.

Our choice was the Fortress LI1420U from Best Power. The unit has 6
outlets, enough to handle the variety of equipment we asked it to take
care of.

Best Power manufacture a comprehensive range of models, market world wide,
and have a substantial two-year warranty. They provide 24-hour technical
support via 1-800 service in the U.S.A. and Canada, every day of the year,
and seem committed to their published slogan "No Dissatisfied Customer".

The CheckUPS management software, which requires a separate RS-232
communications port on the system, it is quick and easy to install. No
need for a geek as it is easily understood and looks after itself.

The management software is programmable to a wide array of functions 
and each can be monitored from the front of the unit. Lights, alarms and
screen advise the operator/user as to the operating status with a
moment-to-moment update.

We tried it on a selection of systems, each up to 3 PCs operating in full
flight, and then pulled the plug. Each continued on without missing a
beat, and followed the software instructions to a safe, controlled
shutdown of equipment. After shutdown, the UPS turned itself off to save
battery power. All this was recorded, by the software, for later analysis.

The Fortress LI1420U Uninterruptible Power System, CheckUPS software
included, retails for just under US$1,000. The value of such an addition
should be assessed against the protection from potential loss.

In my view it is worthwhile insurance.

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