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HOCKEY - - - under winter skies
Peter Shostak; Yalenka Enterprises; ISBN: 0-9691180-5-8; paperback; 54 pages; US$19.95, CAN$24.95

Reviewer: Ernie Fedoruk: "All who experienced life on the Prairies in winter will enjoy Shostak's delightful ride back into time as he explains the joy, the exhilaration and the adaptations youngsters everywhere could make before the days of the Zamboni, over-organization, indoor rinks, fisticuffs and over-bearing parents."
480 words, 110

Illustrated Oxford Dictionary
Oxford University Press; Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0-1954-1420-9; Hard Cover; 1,008 pages; CAN$ 64.95

Reviewer: Peter B. MacIntyre, "The value of this book to the developing minds of the English speaking world may not be measurable. If you purchase any book this year for your reference library this is certainly the one!"
434 words, 19

Digital Democracy
Cynthia J.Alexander & Leslie A. Pal; Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0-19-541359-8; Paperback; 237 pages; CAN$24.95

Reviewer: Peter B. MacIntyre Digital Democracy does cover many subjects that can affect the public at large and ... it should be read by all citizens concerned with how the wired world is indeed reshaping our lives."
340 words, 19

Brooklyn's Dodgers: The Bums, the Borough, and the Best of Baseball, 1947-1957
by Carl E. Prince; Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-511578-3; 202 pages; paperback; US$12.95, Can$19.50

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Of the available books on the subject, this may be the best choice to satisfy your interest." 127

Review: 416 words

Baseball's Great Experiment, Jackie Robinson and His Legacy
by: Jules Tygiel; Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0-19-510620-2; Paperback, 437 pages, US$14.95, CAN$22.50

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan: "There are more readable books on the "Robinson Era", but none more authentic." 127

Review: 401 words

Six Months Off
by: Hope Dlugozima, James Scott, and David Sharp; Henry Holt and Company; ISBN: 0-8050-3745-4; paperback, 267 pages, US$12.95, Can$17.95

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Readers will be grateful to the authors. Hope Dlugozima, James Scott, and David Sharp have taken away the ignorance and left us only to wonder why not." 117
Review: 396 words

301 Ways to Have Fun at Work
by: Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerks; Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.; ISBN: 1-57675-019-1; paperback, 250 pages, US$14.95, CAN$21.95

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Reading this book could just turn out to be the second best fun you'll have between the covers." 117
Review: 362 words

Pay Yourself First: A Commonsense Guide to Life Cycle Retirement Investing
by Timothy W. Cunningham and Clay B. Mansfield; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN 0-471-16248-5; paperback; 271 pages; US$16.95, Can$23.95.

Reviewer: Glenn Darling, "This is one book that isn't out to sell something; rather it can help the reader buy into a secure financial future." 57
Review: 424 words

Personal Best: 1001 Great Ideas for Achieving Success in Your Career
by Joe Tye; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN 0-471-14888-1; paperback; 303 pages; US$12.95, Can$18.50.

Reviewer: Glenn Darling, "Personal Best is undoubtedly a prime candidate for what I'm sure will be 1001 MORE Great Ideas for Achieving Success. This book is addictive." 57
Review: 400 words

The Oxford Paperback Dictionary and Thesaurus
Edited by Julia Elliott with Anne Knight and Chris Cowley; Oxford University Press; ISBN: 0-19-861331-8; Paperback, 912 pages, CAN$16.50

Reviewer: Ellen Tremblay, "Once again Oxford University Press has lived up to expectations. The high standards, and useful format employed in this volume would make it a welcome addition to any reference library." 57
426 words

The Complete Guide to Buying, Owning and Selling a Home in Canada
by Margaret Kerr and JoAnn Kurtz; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0-471-64191-X; Paperback; 305 pages, CAN $21.95.

Reviewer: Ellen Tremblay, "Margaret Kerr and JoAnn Kurtz have produced a very informative book on a serious subject." 37
400 words

Fail-Safe Small Businesses: How They Work, Why They Succeed
by Ron Tepper; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN 0-471-01437-0; paperback; 239 pages; US$14.95, CAN$19.95.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "The bottom line is that these are a lot of book for very little money." 37
374 words

The Joy of Working From Home: Making a Life While Making a Living
by Jeff Berner; Berrett-Koehler Publishers Inc.; ISBN 1-881052-46-X; paperback; 173 pages; US$12.95, CAN$18.95.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "The bottom line is that these are a lot of book for very little money." 37
374 words

Commission Free Investing Handbook of Canadian DRIPS and SPPs
by: Cemil Otar; Uphill Publishing Ltd.; ISBN: 0-9698432-4-0; Softcover, 158 pages, CAN$16.95.

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud, "With help from this author, you can place yourself with the top money managers in the Mutual Fund Game." 27
426 words

Above the Law: The Crooks, the Politicians, the Mounties, and Rod Stamler
by Paul Palango; McClelland & Stewart; ISBN: 0-7710-6929-4;hardcover, 314 pages, $29.99

Reviewer:A.T.Connellan, "This year there'll be a half-dozen or so important books published for concerned Canadians. Above the Law should rank at, or near the head of the list." 54
Review: 405 words

Buy It By The Acre, Sell It By The Foot; The Anatomy of a Real Estate Development
by Sam Allman and Sheldon Allman; Crossroads Press; paperback; 200 pages, $19.95

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Sam Calls A Spade A Shovel" 54
Review: 386 words

Belly Up; The Spoils of Bankruptcy
by: Walter Stewart.; McClelland & Stewart.; ISBN: 0-7710-8304-1 Hardcover, 279 pages, $29.99

Reviewer:A.T.Connellan, "Stewart's explanation of the anatomy of a bankruptcy and its effects will have readers shaking their heads in wonder while hanging on tight to their wallets, as their blood pressure rises." 55
Review: 492 words

Big Blues: The Unmaking of IBM
by Paul Carroll; Crown Publishers; hardcover., 384 pages, $31.50

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "A well-told tale of stunning corporate incompetence." 103
Review: 470 words

Bitter Winds: A Memoir of My Years in China's Gulag
by: Harry Wu and Carolyn Wakeman; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN: 0-471-55645-9; Hardcover, 304 pages; $29.95;

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "This highly recommended book is a chilling chronicle of inhumanity that leaves us with a warning. Tyranny is just one failure to vote away." 24
Review: 409 words

Black Hands of Beijing: Lives of Defiance in China's Democracy Movement
by George Black and Robin Munro; John Wiley & Sons Inc; Hardcover, 399 pages; $32.50.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "This book is guaranteed to upset your sleep pattern, and is required reading for anyone ready to accept assumptions about the "New China" as a trading partner." 93
Review: 440 words

by Michel Vastel, translated by Hubert Bauch; Macmillan Canada; Hardcover; 244 pages; $27.95

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan; "This book is about a provincial leader doing his best to represent the people he serves. An admirable man who strongly desired to remain a Canadian. We should have all known him better." 12
Review: 614 words

Champagne Navy, Canada's Small Boat Raiders of the Second World War
by Brian Nolan & Brian Jeffrey Street; Random House of Canada; 362pages; Hardcover,

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "This book is such a "good read" you won't even want to get up to let the dog out." 111
Review: 760 words

A Life in Progress
by Conrad Black; Key Porter Books; 528 pages; $32.95; Hardcover.

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "In a plethora of how-to-succeed books by those who can't, here's a beaut' by one who did. It should be on your Christmas, or any other, wish list." 113
435 words

Costing the Earth, The Challenge for Governments, the Opportunities for Business
by Frances Cairncross; Harvard Business School Press; 341 pages; hardcover.

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "These books are for people who care to be part of the solution, although the only thing they have in common is that they are printed on recycled paper." 62
Review: 625 words

The Broadview Book Of Diplomatic Anecdotes
by Gordon Martel; BroadviewPress; Hardcover, 317 pages, $27.95

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "I insist that a book enlighten as well as inform, kick start my imagination and tickle my funny bone. Diplomatic Anecdotes does this." 101
Review: 604 words

Direct Democracy in Canada: The History and Future of Referendums
Patrick Boyer; Dundurn Press; Paperback; 312 pages, CAN$19.99

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan 33
Review: 407 words

Eagleson: The Fall of a Hockey Czar
by William Houston and David Shoalts; McGraw-Hill Ryerson; ISBN: ISBN 0-07-551706-X; Hardcover, 238 pages, $27.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "The authors tried hard, but the Eagle still soars" 34
474 words

Faultlines: Struggling for a Canadian Vision
by Jeffrey Simpson; Harper Collins; Hardcover, 395 pages; $26.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "A uniquely personalized montage of Canada, portrayed by a wordsmith with few peers. Anyone less skilled would produce terminal ennui." 103
Review: 460 words

Going Inside
Alan S. Kesselheim; Publisher: McClelland & Stewart.; ISBN: 0-7710-4450-X; Hardcover, 282 pages,, $28.99

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Between the covers of "Going Inside" we are treated to an over-the-shoulder view of their experience that is vivified by Kesselheim's words, Zitzer's photographs and bound-up by their determination and humor." 115
Review: 458 words

The Golden Fleece: Why the Stock Market Costs You Money
by Walter Stewart; McClelland & Stewart; 327 pages; Hardcover; $29.99

Reviewer: A. T . Connellan, "With his journalists jaundiced eye and tongue planted firmly in cheek Walter Stewart gives us a history lesson full of smiles. If you don't know a put from a call, come along. On the way we'll meet an assortment of pitchmen and pirates whose chicanery will leave your head spinning." 112
Review: 373 words

Heart Owner's Handbook: Live Longer and Feel Better
by Denton A. Cooley, M.D.; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN: 0-471-13326-4, paperback, 415 pages.; US$16.95 / CAN$23.95

Reviewer: A.T. Connellan, discovers "an all-encompassing heart-smart lifestyle plan....the author's advice on how to choose and work with your doctor alone is worth the price of the book." 46
Review: 405 words

Hook Up, Get Hired! The Internet Job Search Revolution
by Joyce Lain Kennedy; Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN: 0-471-11629-7; Hardcover, 272 pages, US$29.95 CAN$41.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "If you are one of millions facing a moment of truth in downsizing, or seeking the next step up the adder, here is a how-to-do-it using the engines of the Internet. Worth the cost of the book alone is a 10 point 'Game Plan' for identifying the elements, organizing the job search, and even automating a substantial amount of the task." 115
Review: 463 words

The House That Roone Built: The Inside Story of ABC News
by Marc Gunther; Little Brown; ISBN: 0-316-33151-1; Hardcover, 393 pages, Can $29.95, US $23.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Author Marc Gunther has given us a truly caesarean business saga, that is a genuine cliff-hanger. This one will hold you through the last page." 34
Review: 409 words

How To Make Money With Your Home Computer
Scott Tilley; Hounslow Press; Softcover; 222 pages CAN$16.95

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "It's a dry read, but worth the wade." 43
Review: 277 words

Green is Gold, Business Talking To Business About The Environmental Revolution
Patrick Carson & Julia Moulden; Harper Collins; 216 pages; $14.95; paperback

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "These books are for people who care to be part of the solution, although the only thing they have in common is that they are printed on recycled paper." 62
Review: 625 words

Inside the Boardroom: Governance by Directors and Trustees
by William G. Bowen; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 0-471-02501-1; Hardcover, 204 pages; $49.50

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "The author has produced a lucid and literate, scholarly crafted guide for a pragmatic, professional approach to governance. It should be required reading for those currently serving, or contemplating board service to any organization." 74
Review: 396 words

Japanese Maverick: Success Secrets of Canon's "God of Sales"
by Louis Kraar and Seiichi Takikawa; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 0-471-58011-2; Hardcover, 256 pages, $34.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "This is an exceptional book that proves that leaders are made, not born. Buy it, read it, and pass it on." 84
Review: 372 words

Jacqueline Bouvier: An Intimate Memoir
John H. Davis; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN: 0-471-12945-3; Hardcover, 256 pages, US$24.95 CAN$31.95

Reviewer: Ellen Tremblay , "What caused this enigmatic woman to confess that she "always felt like an outsider to American life"? In death, the fascination with her life continues." 126
492 words

Up In The Air; The Max Ward Story
by Max Ward; Publisher, McClelland & Stewart; 368 pages; hardcover; $29.95.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Does he qualify as one of our heroes? I don't know, you read the book and decide. I do know that Max Ward has his heroes, he named his airplanes after them, and that tells you a lot about Max Ward." 91
Review: 571 words

Money Has No Country, Behind the Crisis in Canadian Business
by Ann Shortell; Macmillan Canada; Hardcover; 304 pages;

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Ann Shortell destroys the misconceptions that some Canadians have come to accept as fact." 22
Review: 384 words

The Name of the Game: The Business of Sports
by Jerry Gorman and Kirk Calhoun, with Skip Rozin; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 0-471-59423-7; Hardcover, 294 pages, $25.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "I didn't expect a group of nice gray accountants to produce such an interesting book. I was wrong. This one is worthy of your interest." 74
Review: 422 words

Naming For Power: Creating Successful Names for the Business World
by Naseem Javed; Linkbridge Publishing; hardcover, 256 pages, $25.00

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "This distillation of Mr. Javed's experience is well worth the price, in fact, take it along to the cottage for a contemplative re-read." 24
Review: 415 words

Overnight Success: Federal Express and Frederick Smith, Its Renegade Creator
by Vance H. Trimble; Crown Publishers Inc.; Hardcover, 358 pages; $31.50

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Vance Trimble has taken a standback approach uncolored by the ego influence of the central character, that guarantees us a dispassionate assessment of the subject, and what a subject."53
Review: 291 words

Paradigm Shift: The New Promise of Information Technology
by Don Tapscott and Art Caston; McGraw-Hill Inc.; Hardcover; 339 pages; $34.95

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Tapscott and Caston point out that those who don't pay heed to the coming changes will be left dancing the charleston in high button shoes." 53
Review: 260 words

Spies: The Secret Agents Who Changed The Course of History
by Ernest Volkman; Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN 0 471 55714-5; Hardcover; 304 pages; $32.50.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Spies is a treat for the mind. Ernest Volkman's book is about the real thing." 34
Review: 416 words

The Splendid Hundred: The True Story of Canadians Who Flew in the Greatest Air Battle of World War II
by Arthur Bishop; McGraw-Hill Ryerson; ISBN 0-07-551683-7; paperback., 190 pages; $19.95.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Arthur Bishop's gripping saga of Canadian heroism in the skies of World War II, is a keeper" 84
Review: 339 words

' Stand By Your Beds! '
by Cordell Cross; Publisher, Aggie Blinkhorn Organization Inc.; Paperback; 370 pages; $ ??.??;

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "The author reminds us of the undeniable dictum that steel is only iron until its been through the fire. In the hands of a good screenwriter what a movie this would make." 102
Review: 275 words

What Smart Students Know: Maximum Grades, Optimum Learning, Minimum Time
by Adam Robinson; Publisher Crown; paperback, 283 pages, $21.00

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Don't borrow this one, buy it, and keep it "at the ready." Mine is on the bookshelf, on the handy side of the dictionary, and no, I will not lend it to you." 24
Review: 401 words

A Matter of Survival: Canada In The 21st Century
by Diane Francis; Key Porter Books; Paperback, 224 pages; $19.95.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Diane Francis has set out an eminently workable plan for our survival and prosperity. She did it all in a tight, terse, readable book. You'll like it." 113
Review: 406 words

If You're Talking To Me Your Career Must Be In Trouble: Movies, Mayhem, and Malice
by Joe Queenan; Hyperion; Published February 1994; ISBN 1-56282-788-X; Hardcover; 282 pages; Can$28.95, U.S. $22.95.

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Joe Queenan writes very, very funny stuff. This is social commentary with a twist and comedic writing on the outer edge of shocking. Even the index is off the wall. If you don't love this one your funny bone must be in trouble." 34
Review: 409 words

Troop 17: The Making of Mounties
text by James McKenzie, photography by Lorne McClinton; Publisher, Detselig Enterprises Ltd; Hardcover, 184 pages; $ ??.??;

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan 102
Review: 529 words

The United Way Scandal: An Insiders Account of What Went Wrong and Why
by John S. Glaser; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN 0-471-59114-9; Hardcover; 302 pages; US$34.95, CAN$48.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "In the pages of The United Way Scandal, there are few answers, and many questions, but it is a good place to start." 94
Review: 417 words

The Wealthy Barber: The Common Sense Guide to Successful Financial Planning
by David Chilton; Publisher, Stoddart; Paperback; 205 pages; $14.95;

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "The Wealthy Barber is an investment guaranteed to return a dividend. I liked this book, and I'm thinking of giving it--to my barber." 113
Review: 360 words

The West Point Way of Leadership: From Learning Principled Leadership to Practicing It
by Col. Larry R. Donnithorne [Ret.]; Publisher, Currency Doubleday; ISBN 0-385-41703-9; Hardcover; 192 pages; US$20.00, CAN$26.00;

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "This is an important book to be read by the young who have yet to learn about choosing "The Harder Right," and the old, who should have." 84
Review: 353 words

"Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun?": How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion-Dollar Business Empire
by Reginald F. Lewis and Blair S. Walker; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; ISBN 0-471-04227-7; Hardcover; 335 pages; US$22.95, CAN$29.95; .

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "Why Should White Guys Have All the Fun? is a much needed, heartfelt inspirational book that will remove the 't from anyone's "I can't." " 114
Review: 362 words

What a Wonderful World
Bob Theile and Bob Golden; Publisher: Oxford University Press; SBN: 0-19-508629-5; Hardcover, 182 pages plus CD; US$19.95, CAN$32.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan,"Those of us who share a life-long love affair with jazz, will endorse Steve Allen's adoring and accurate foreword, and agree that, to the very last page, Theile pays a well deserved tribute to his favorite musical genre." 115
Review: 480 words

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