Windows NT Server 4 Unleashed Professional Reference Edition


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Title: Windows NT Server 4 Unleashed Professional Reference Edition;  
Jason Garms; SAMS Publishing; ISBN: 0-672-31002-3; Hardcover, 
1714 pages, US$69.99, CAN$98.95

Reviewer: Tim Perkins: "This is an exhaustive resource on NT which could 
leave one hard-pressed to find a reason to buy another."

The Leashing of NT, How to Tame a Wild Operating System

This book is a resource for Novice to Guru, on the NT platform. Written
specifically for NT 4 Server, it is also one of the best resources
I've come across for NT workstations as well. The reader seeking an
understanding of how NT products work, will find this book invaluable.

It is clear that the authors immersed themselves in the product and all of
its facets. The result is a book with the feel of a tutorial from a
professional. It sets out a clear cut, step by step, implementation of the
product, rather than the obfuscation that marks many manuals and resources.

As I worked with this book I discovered tips, suggestions, and valuable
insights for attacking problems and pitfalls that would have taken many
months of experience to determine on my own.

This book gets my recommendation for use in diagnosing NT 4 Server
problems. Hours of time can be saved by having this resource on the shelf
for trouble shooting.

For example; "Chapter 4 - Installing Windows NT - Specifying SCSI and IDE
Controllers." I experienced difficulty with NT installation by having
auto-detect locate my IDE CD-ROM. Auto - detect froze the computer at this
stage during installation. The book showed how to rectify the problem
using the 'S' option and specifying ATAPI 1.2 from the hardware list.

System Administrators prefer to automate and run scripts wherever
possible. However, it is not clear how to automate system management tasks
in the GUI NT environment. The authors detail how tasks can be accomplished 
using both the GUI management tools and the CLI (command line
interface.) When the authors have demonstrated the format of the commands
and their behavior, it is then easy to write batch scripts to help manage
the system.

For the user who needs "just the facts," Windows NT Server 4 Unleashed has
a 600 page Appendix section. There are details of the CLI, NT glossary of
terms, details on implementing System Policies through the Registry, and
other such information in a fast accessible format.

There are chapters devoted to TCP/IP printing services, Macintosh file and
print serving; Intranet and Internet serving; NT programming, NT security,
and many other facets of the NT world.

This is an exhaustive resource on NT which could leave one hard-pressed to
find a reason to buy another.

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