The World Wide Web - Unleashed; 1st edition.


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Title: The World Wide Web - Unleashed;  John December 
and Neil Randall; SAMS Publishing; ISBN: 0-672-30617-4; 
Paperback; 1096 pages, $47.95

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "The book will enable the reader to 
comfortably manage your interests on the World Wide Web"

The Giant Web Book

The "Unleashed" series of books from SAMS Publishing are 
not for neophytes. The production team who prepare these 
1,000 page plus tomes assumes that the reader has a working 
knowledge of the subject, and a raging thirst to know more. 
"The World Wide Web - Unleashed" is no different. 
Authors John December and Neil Randall head up a creative 
group of experts, each of whom has contributed work from their 
own specialty. The result is an exhaustively complete how-to 
manual, for MAC and PC users, containing probably more than 
you ever wanted to know about the subject. 

Logic drives both the layout and organization of the book. There 
are 6 parts, each in unfolding complexity, topped off with 3 helpful 
appendixes and a glossary that goes well beyond the trivial. 

The text is highly readable and well-supported by large, clearly 
reproduced screens, shade panels for notes, and sensibly 
placed indenting -- one of the luxuries afforded by size. The 
44 chapters begin with a stated objective, and end with a summary.                                   

The Web is a communications tool. Never before have we been 
able to share information with the world at the speed, breadth, 
depth, and color that is now possible on the Internet. In doing so, 
the World Wide Web functions as a market place, in the purest 
sense, bringing together buyers and sellers. 
Even the smallest business can take full advantage of the Web 
to market its product or service. For example, the editor of the 
print media in which you are reading this review, received it via 
e-mail, down loaded it from my Web Site, or perhaps you are 
now looking at it on the Web Site. Now that you've seen how well 
the Web can work, how can you use it to enhance your endeavors? 
When December, Randall, et al are finished, there will be few areas 
of the Web that haven't been covered in detail. You will be able to 
comfortably manage your interests, and operate Mosaic, and other 
search machines to find and retrieve information on the Internet. 

You will understand the subtleties of effective website design, and 
be able to weave your own web page using basic HTML [Hyper
Text Markup Language.] If you decide not to, you'll at least, understand 
what the technicians are talking about and where the money is going. 

This book delivers on its promise.

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