Using Visual Basic 5-Platinum Edition


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Title: Using Visual Basic 5-Platinum Edition, Loren D. Eidahl, QUE
Publishing Corporation, ISBN: 0-7897-1412-4, Hard Cover, 1,405 pages,
US$60.00, CAN$84.95
Reviewer: Peter B.  MacIntyre, "For the beginning to moderate VisualBasic
programmer who wants to significantly expand their Visual Basic 5 skills, this
book is highly recommended."

Visual Basic 5, and much, much more.

Visual Basic is one of the most popular Windows development languages on
the market today. On any computer book counter browsers will discover at least
10 to 15 different titles on the subject. QUE Publishing, recognizing this
reality, has provided "Using Visual Basic 5 - Platinum Edition" as one of the
most comprehensive offerings on Visual Basic usage and programming.

Between the covers, major sections range from the introductory basics of using
forms and controls (the development environment) to the more advanced programming
techniques of ActiveX control creation and World Wide Web programming. The major
sections are "Visual Basic fundamentals", "More on Visual Basic Controls",
"Outputting and Displaying Information", "Professional Visual Basic Programming",
"ActiveX Controls and Documents", "Database Programming", "Web Programming",
"Distributed Client Server Environment Programming", and "Advanced Topics". 

The sectional names are self-explanatory except for what is covered
under the "Advanced Topics" heading; which more precisely covers the
subjects of "Creating a Visual Basic Add-in", "Building a Wizard",
"Accessing the Windows registry and INI files", and "Accessing external
functions: the Window API". Although these subjects are really not THAT
advanced, they are not commonly used by the average Visual Basic
programmer, and thus are to be rightly considered as advanced topics in
their nature and usage.

This volume is quite intimidating in size (over 1,400 pages) and may give a
beginning programmer some concern that there is a vast amount of information to
learn about Visual Basic. Although there is a massive amount of information, the
book, should be treated simply as a valuable resource on the subject. Once the
fundamentals are learned and mastered, the more advanced subjects can be grappled
with via the guidance of the book. 

Visual Basic 5 - Platinum Edition is a well written, progressive book. It enables
the reader to move forward adding understanding on increasing levels of
complexity. The CD-ROM that accompanies the book, offers additional help and
coding examples. These will take the reader some considerable time to exhaust.

For the beginning to moderate VisualBasic programmer who wants to significantly
expand their Visual Basic 5 skills, this book is highly recommended.

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