Word for Windows 6: Self-Teaching Guide


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Title: Word for Windows 6: Self-Teaching Guide; by Stephen Guild; 
John Wiley & Sons Inc.; ISBN: 0-471-30467-0; Paper/hard, 464 pages, 
US$22.95, CAN$32.50

Reviewer: A. T. Connellan, "The Self Teaching Guide, is well 
organized, deceptively complete, comprehensive, and adds a valuable
reference assist to the Microsoft Users Guide and the on-line help system."        

For The Word For Windows 6 Challenged

There are two kinds of people who should buy and read this book; those who 
have Word for Windows 6 installed and would like to work comfortably with it 
in spite of the Microsoft Users Guide; and the rest of us who are clipping 
along with Word for Windows 2 and wonder what we're missing. 

The sage who said "The only difference between a path, a rut, and the grave is 
the depth," had me in mind. For years I've had WW2 installed and only used it 
for correspondence, preferring to write with the Shareware Program PCWrite 
with its pale grey print on a blue screen and its uncomplicated accessories. 
There are a number of marked differences between Word for Windows 2 and 6. My   
386SX40 with 4Mb of RAM which moved WW2 along smoothly, dropped to a plod with 
WW6 installed. It is like playing a 78rpm record at 33 1/3. 

The message; it isn't the $150 for the WW6 upgrade, but an another $250 for 
4 megabytes of additional RAM needed to restore a satisfactory rate of 
response. It may also be neccessary to examine hardrive space to see if the 
needed 26Mb is available. 
Word for Windows 6: Self Teaching Guide will show why the change is worth our 
hard-earned dollars. All the features and tools so well liked in WW2 have been 
improved, and added to in WW6 to make it, what many have described as "the 
super word processing program." 

The Self Teaching Guide, categorized as a Beginning book by Wiley, is well 
organized, deceptively complete and comprehensive. It is written in easy to 
understand language, supported by summaries, screen reproductions, practical 
tips, and a detailed index. This book adds a valuable reference assist to the 
Microsoft Users Guide and the on-line help system.        

Should we spend the money to upgrade? Since Windows 95 needs more RAM, and
since I'm hooked on all the great new things I can do in WW6. The answer is yes, 
I can't go back. 

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