Photoshop Magic: Expert Edition

Photoshop Magic: Expert Edition


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Title: Photoshop Magic: Expert Edition; Brendon Perkins, Hayden Books; 
ISBN: 1-56830-416-6; Paperback, 344 pages, US$45.00, CAN$63.95.

Reviewer: Ivan Sinclair, "The techniques revealed in "Photoshop
Magic" will provide the advantage needed to create
professional level print, multimedia and web graphics."

Value Packed Tutorials for Photoshop 4.0

Adobe Photoshop is what is known as a "deep" program. I
learned to use it formally in college, taught introductory
classes in it and have used it professionally for years.
I still feel as if I have only scratched the surface.
"Photoshop Magic" will take the user through the surface to the
hidden power beyond.

This is not an introductory text and the author spends a
scant 15 pages on basics. Those readers who are new to Photoshop
should spend some time with the manuals or other
introductory text before tackling any of the tutorials.

The tutorials, 12 in total take up the rest of the 344
pages and are full of amazing effects in lighting,
masking, compositing etc. Some of my favorites were
the "Simulating Water Reflection", "Weaving Elements in
and Image" and the "Web Graphics" tutorials. The included
CD has all the necessary files, templates and presets (as 
well as some graphics utility shareware for both MAC and 

In particular the tutorial "Web Graphics: Creating an
Animated Gear System" exemplifies the depth of  "Photoshop
Magic". This one, albeit long and complex, tutorial
introduces you to techniques, from the import of
the .EPS files of the gears, to the recording of  "Actions"
to animate the gears.

Readers will appreciate the manner in which the author 
emphasizes the proper use of lighting in this and all of the
tutorials. Proper lighting is usually ignored yet can give
an image a finished, professional look.

All the tutorials are laid out in clear fashion with color
screen shots and plenty of white space. Instructions are in
classic tutorial style with colored text for emphasis.
On many pages are sidebars that go beyond the step by step
instruction to a conversational explanation of what is going
on or why a particular technique is appropriate, etc.

If the time has come to move beyond the basics of 
color correction and image format conversion to true artistic 
creation, look no further. The techniques revealed in "Photoshop
Magic" will provide the advantage needed to create
professional level print, multimedia and web graphics.

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