The Internet Golden Directory, 3rd. Edition

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Title: The Internet Golden Directory, 3rd. Edition;  Harley
Hahn; Osborne/McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0-07-882192-4; 
Paperback, 912 pages; Can$42.95; AU$59.95; NZ$79.95.

Reviewer: Christopher Cowan 

Internet Web Site Searching Made Easy.
Time Savings, and Fun Included 

Cyberspace, URL  Does any of
this mean much to you? If not, here is the perfect chance to 
become one among  millions of readers who have turned 
to, and found in The Internet Golden Directory series, 
explanations and solutions to basic Internet principals 
and advanced Site finding  problems. 
Even if you have thousands of hours on-line, this book will add many Sites relevant to each topic in your search. If you have read this far, it must mean that you are interested in finding a book that satisfies all your curiosities and educated guesses as to what the Internet is all about. The Internet Golden Directory leaves no question as to what the author believes the Internet is for; Fun, Research, Education, and acting as a Resource. This book will change the way we think about the Internet. It will make clear just how fun and intellectually stimulating WEB surfing can be. All the reader, has to do is read, choose, (that is the hardest part!) type, and go! The Author has compiled thousands of Sites, News groups, Chat Channels, and BBS's, into one great internet resource book that makes WEB surfing almost unnecessary. Just open the Internet Golden Directory, flip to the topic using the easy alphabetic guide on the side, pick a Site and presto! All the Sites News Groups, BBSs, etc. are grouped in accordance with their general topic which means very easy and fast Site location. This book is everything you need and more to speed up, and humorously enhance your WEB surfing experience.

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