High Performance Client/Server


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Title: High Performance Client/Server, Chris Loosley & Frank Douglas,
Wiley Computer Publishing, ISBN: 0-471-16269-8, Paperback, 728 pages,
US$44.99, CAN$63.50

Reviewer: Peter B. MacIntyre, "This book should be required reading for 
everyone in the application development industry."

High-Performance Client/Server

One of the most important points they make is that, too often, software
development projects are doomed to failure from the start because
performance issues are rarely considered at the design stage. The
reasoning for this is sometimes given that there isn't the time or
money available at the time and that, faster hardware can be thrown at
the problem at a later date. 

Their rationale is that as hardware capacity and speeds increase so
does the user's level of expectation. The faster the hardware gets,
the better it is expected to work, and therefore no performance gains
are perceived. 

Loosley and Douglas have organized their presentation into six major
sections; foundations, process, principles, applications, technologies,
and resources. The foundations section establishes the definitions and
expectations of what should be considered as both client/server and
high performance. The process section covers the major areas of
software performance such as engineering of application construction
and future growth concerns.  

Principles covers design and construction principles that must considered
when building applications to be performance enhanced. Included chapters
address workload, efficiency, locality, sharing, and trade-offs. The
application section covers subjects of middleware and architecture
issues that can impact on performance levels.  

The fifth section, technologies, looks at the tools and concepts that
could also be employed to help boost overall system execution. Tools
or concepts such as RADs  (rapid application development tools), load
testing, data replication, and data warehousing  are all discussed.

The last section of this book, resources, provides a glossary of
terms and two indices. One index collects all the tips that are
offered through out the book and the other is of the traditional
format, listing subject and page references. 

High Performance Client/Server is a great resource book for any
software developers concerned with the performance levels of their
applications, especially those in the client server world. I have
never seen a book as detailed and authoritative on the subject of
software performance on both conceptual and practical levels.  

This book should be required reading for everyone in the application
development industry. 


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