Teach Yourself Digital Photography in 14 Days


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Title: Teach Yourself Digital Photography in 14 Days; Carla Rose; Hayden 
Books; ISBN: 1-56830-405-6; Soft cover, 382 pages, 
$US$39.99, CAN$56.95, UKú36.50 

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "A complex subject rendered cogently, perhaps a
little pricey, but well worth the money."

Teach Yourself Digital Photography in 14 days

There is a revolution going on. The boom in sales of digital cameras has
turned the staid, stolid photographic market on its ear. Gone are the days of
the high school photography club, with its darkroom, film, developer, fixer,
and enlarger.

The basics of composition, exposure, light, and focal length remain critical
to photography.

Today's photographic groupies gather in computer labs and talk of pixels,
compression, dithering, Adobe, flash cards, and all things digital. With the
cost of a decent digital camera beginning at a few hundred dollars, the days
of film are close to the sunset.

But the mysteries remain: how to make the best pictures? What is the process,
and how to improve the outcome using computers and programs? 

Predictably, a flood of how-to books has hit the marketplace, including Carla
Rose and her," Teach Yourself Digital Photography in 14 days." The book is
stuffed with all the essential information; with humor and knowledge, Rose has
jammed 5 gallons into a 4-gallon pail.

The information is injected in tolerable doses. She wisely chose a 14-chapter
format, with a breather in between to fulfill "assignments." 

The result is that the student/reader is given the opportunity to absorb, and
understand the inside terminology that might otherwise become unintelligible

I like her penchant for taking a stand on her favorite cameras and software.
She's not afraid to wear her technology heart on her sleeve. All of this is
nice, but not relevant. 

Last years marvelous Casio or Kodak can be quickly surpassed by the latest and
greatest Epson etc., and the old reliable software wonder is made to look
limited and stodgy by the newest do-it-all program.

This is a beginner's book, but the neophyte had better be prepared to study
and absorb. The author doesn't tolerate a slow pace. It's into the water and
let's swim. The rewards for diligence are substantial.

From box cameras to multi-megabyte images the Rose 14 days, well supported by
Appendixes, including an excellent glossary, moves double time through the
The text is peppered with pertinent screen reproductions, diagrams, photos,
and color plates of the finished products. Relevant web sites and cats.
Everywhere there are cats, a Rose idiosyncrasy, to act as guides and

The bottom line? A complex subject rendered cogently, perhaps a little pricey,
but well worth the money.

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