Using Windows98 - Preview Edition

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Title: Using Windows98 - Preview Edition; Michael Miller; QUE Publishing;
ISBN: 0-7897-1651-8; Paperback; 354 pages; US$9.99, CAN$14.95, UK9.49

Reviewer: Peter B. MacIntyre, "This book is well written, and concise. It is
correctly priced for its intended and expected audience."  
Microsoft Windows98 is on the horizon. The newest offering in operating
systems for personal computers from the Redmond, Washington computer
software giant should be released sometime this year; thus the name. 

Que publishing has assembled  a "first looks" edition on this operating system
product, entitled Using Windows98 - Preview Edition. The author, Michael
Miller, has done a nice job in highlighting the newly added features of the
product in a progressive manner, while explaining the current features to
those who may be new to the product. 

There does seem to be some repetition in the reminders and tips that highlight
the newer features, but the points made are appropriate.

The major additions to Windows98, as described in this book, are: active
desktops, active content, web data pushing, true on-line help, down
loadable product updates, active channels, limited Internet tools, and
customizable toolbars. Each of these topics are well covered and explained
by the author with the aid of ample screen shots and performance tips. 

This is one of the first books that I have seen that was written based on
an unavailable product. It is an interesting approach to computer book
publishing since software titles themselves are updated constantly it is a
challenge for the publishers to try and keep their print up to date. 

Windows98 is not that drastic a deviation from its predecessor Windows95, so
there is limited risk to QUE in using the preview approach here.  

There is so much in common between the two Windows products that it would
appear only the novice or "green" user would gain any benefit from
obtaining this publication. Those who are familiar with Windows95 and are
quite adaptable in their computing approach should be able to move right
into Windows98 with very little effort. 

Considering the relatively low price Using Windows98 - Preview Edition still
may have some value to the advanced user by enumerating the optimal use of
new features.

The release of Windows98 will not be the event that the release of
Windows95 was and consequently the need for additional help in using the
product will be an equally lesser issue. 

This book is well written, and concise. It is correctly priced for its
intended and expected audience.

Windows98 should not be that hard to become familiar with, and through the
additional aid of this offering from QUE, there should be little effort
expended in mastering it quickly.

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