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TAXWIZ '99, for Windows
Developed by Taxamatic Inc.; $29.99 less a $10 mail-in rebate

Reviewer: Joan Pashley: "This program fulfills its goal of fast, easy and accurate." 20
Review: 441 Words

Canadian Encyclopedia World - Deluxe Edition
McClelland & Stewart

Reviewer: Joan Pashley, "Owning and using this package of seven CD-ROMs would reduce failures on those Canadian history quizzes that regularly report a national deficit of knowledge."
Review: 458 words

Eudora Pro Mail; Version 3 for Windows & Mac
Qualcomm Inc.

Reviewer: A.T.Connellan, "Yes you could get along with some other e-mail program, or the old Eudoras, but why drive a car with one flat tire -- fix it." 57
Review: 387 words

DeBabelizer Pro for Windows 95 and NT

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud, "For anyone suffering the anguish of long download times, relief is at hand, and it's spelled DeBabelizer Pro." 57
Review: 463 words

Fractal Design Corporation.

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud, "AddDepth is a useful utility program for anyone looking for quick 3D effects." 27
Review: 530 words

Painter 4
Developer/Publisher Fractal Design Corporation; US$549.00

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud,"For the visual artist who wants to produce work electronically while maintaining contact with tradition, Painter 4 is in a class by itself." 56
Review: 526 words

WebSite Version 1.1
O'Reilly & Associates Inc.; Manual in Paperback, ISBN: 1-56592-173-9, 494 pages, 1996; Program and Manual Price: US$499.00 CAN$599.00

Reviewers: A.T. Connellan and Mark Grant, "Now every man/woman can take charge, thanks to O'Reilly's follow-the-bouncing-ball WebSite Version 1.1." 36
Review: 572 words

Version 1 for Windows 95, NT, Mac, and PowerMac; Fractal Design Corporation

Reviewer: Raymond Saint Arnaud, "Not satisfied with having the most highly regarded natural-media paint program, Painter 4. Fractal Design Corporation has released their new natural-media program called Expression. It's a step ahead." 47
595 words

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