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A Better Way to Go
By Terry Connellan: Wow! Now that's the way to go!"
630 words

You'll Look Sweet Upon the Seat of a BikeE Built for Two
By Terry Connellan: Daisy and anyone else you care to name will give you their answer true on the E2
620 words

Barefoot Bicycle Touring
By Terry Connellan: "As Jack Paar would say, "I kid you not.""
402 words 39

When the Backroads Beckon
By Terry Connellan: "When the Backroads Beckon--Gear up and Go"
1,023 words 19

Bicycling is Only for the Very Young --- At Heart.
By Terry Connellan: "From the cradle to the grave, we never get out of the bike habit."
1014 words 108

Cycling the Circle
By Terry Connellan: "Railtrails,ocean, and gourmet food."
1230 words 68

Circle Tour to the Sunshine
By Terry Connellan: "Gastronomically and visually, the whole tour is an outrageous success."
1087 words 68

A Cyclists Rail-Trail to the Backroads
By Terry Connellan: "A bicycling adventure -- par excellence."
1,199 words 58

The Road to Port Renfrew Lures the Adventurous
By Terry Connellan: "An interesting tour for the adventurous cyclist"
1,268 words 58

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things
By Terry Connellan: "Eighteen years and 90,000 kilometres of self-sustained bicycle touring have produced a short-list of can't do without' products."
847 words, plus photographs on request 127

Coo--uul bike
By Terry Connellan: "Some bikes bring out the child in all of us."
726 words, plus photographs on request 127

Tourers-Camp Free, or Almost
By Terry Connellan: "Veteran human powered tourers develop ways and means for finding the best campsites"
709 words plus photographs on request 127

Bella Coola Village
By Terry Connellan: "Cultural mix shows diversity" 27
818 words

The Renfrew Road
By Terry Connellan: "Seasoned cyclists high on British Columbia's Renfrew route"
1061 words 27

Kettle Valley Railway Line
By Terry Connellan: "No life like one on a bike"
1,307 words 27

Backroads Bicycle Touring
By Terry Connellan: "The How To of Back Roads Bicycle Touring"
1030 words 27

Buying The Best Bike and Gear
By Terry Connellan: "Buying The Best Bike and Gear, The WONDERBIKE!"
873 words 27

Right Stuff de Rigueur
Terry Connellan: "Right Stuff de Rigueur"
985 words 27

Saturna Island Touring
By Terry Connellan: "A Human Powered Weekend, Saturna Island Style"
859 words 27

Bike-Riding the Rails to Lake Cowichan
By Terry Connellan: "A peaceful rail-trail ride to a romantic hideaway"
821 words 27

Water District Biketrails
By Terry Connellan: "Victoria Water District provides interesting ride"
732 words 27

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